Who we are

We are an engineering firm passionate about optimizing industrial process. We believe that through energy efficiency, worker safety, automation and better process control the profitability of industrial enterprises can be greatly improved.


Partner in engineering

Fields of practice

We work in engineering and focus on six (6) fields of practice to optimize our expertise and customer satisfaction.


Technical areas where we have developed expertise, analysis methods and solutions.

  • Pneumatic conveying, compressed air and vacuumm
    Optimization of compressed air network, compressors and vacuum pump system Compressed air analysis Level 1, 2 and 3, supply and…
  • Steam boilers and condensate networks
    An analysis of the steam and condensate system will determine the most cost-effective opportunities for optimization and energy savings. Optimization…
  • Cooling and refrigeration
    We can help you choose the best refrigeration system for your application. Design, optimization, energy efficiency and troubleshooting. Design and…
  • Pumps system
    Often oversized the pumps do not operate at their optimum efficiency. Then the pumping networks are generally undersized, which causes…
  • Industrial ventilation and dust collectors
    Balancing of the ventilation system, optimization of dust collectors and diagnosis of contamination of industrial dust. Energy audit of the…
  • Industrial oven, dryer and kiln
    Optimization of industrial process oven. The pace of production may have changed over the years or the oven becomes aging.…
  • Automation and control
    From an idea or concept we can design an automation process to increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs.…
  • Industrial and machine safety
    In order to prevent any minor or serious accidents threatening production we can carry out a risk assessment analysis Machine…
  • Biomass boiler room
    Design and support for the construction of a wood biomass boiler room. Forest biomass supply plan Calculation of the biomass…


Overview of our achievments

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